Trading Example for the Emini S&P 500 Published at Linkedin on Aug. 8, 2011

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This morning at 7:19 a.m. ET contribution to Linkedin: “For today our trading system tells me for the S&P-Emini: Going short at below 1160 and long at 1189, with profit take at 1193, 1196. Between those numbers I will scalp for 1 point with high probability setups. My early warning indicators for today are: Russell above/below 700, AUD above/below 1.0270 (it is 7:19 a.m. ET now).”

Results of the Trade Entry at 10:16 a.m. ET at 1160:

– Covered half the position at 1149 with 11 points gain from entry (10:39 ET).
– Got stopped out on the second part of the position at 1153 with a 8 point gain from entry (10:41 ET).

This is the trading chart used.

To simplify the chart reading:

Candles with cyan color dots signify entries and exits. The red line around the price candles is the stop line and took our second part of the trade out at 1153.

Red bars show sellers in control.
Blue bars show buyer in control.

Arrows point in the direction of the market pressure. When arrows align there is a high market pressure in the direction of the alignment.

The lower Study is a volatility study which in forward testing and not verified yet (cyan color bars show potential entry areas, without pointing a direction).

Good trading!

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