Trade with Institutional Money Moves

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The world financial markets are dominated by institutional investors; however, more and more private investors enter with the aim to make an income by applying conventional technical analysis, which tends to teach you how to buy or sell based on past price action oriented mathematical models: Moving averages or reversal to the mean concepts, using indicators and oscillators that always lag behind the real price action, which means:

You are trading with a high risk of buying and selling at the worst point of the price move.

No wonder that the fallout rate of new traders is so high and many who trade for years still never make any money.

How can it be done right?

By portraying market actions triggered by institutional investors on your trade screen: To do so, you are in need of an activity based trading system, which helps you to spot and follow institutional price action when it happens.

Prop Traders are the biggest force in the markets: Institutional investors, trading their own money, trying to profit from their information production, buying what they feel is underpriced and selling overpriced assets. Fundamental information on multiple levels is gathered and put together to make those decisions. One way or the other, Prop Traders market actions will be recognized and the crowd, in our case: Fund managers (mutual funds, hedge funds, pension funds, exchange traded funds…) and low risk investors (banks, insurances) follow the leaders.

Instant, activity-based alerts are needed and you can be part of this!

NeverLossTrading developed multiple systems, all taught individually (suited to your wants and needs) that help you to spot and follow those price moves. See the following chart examples:

Chart-1: Emini S&P 500 Futures Example, traded on a 10-Minute NLT Top-Line Chart

NeverLossTrading Top Line 10 Minute February 2015

The above chart shows you multiple indicators corresponding with you, showing your clearly defined entries, exits, stops as well as key support and resistance levels: Very essential and needed for profitable day trading.

Our entry level system is called and it lets you act on confirmed price moves after institutional engagement. A two candle trade setup helps you to trade along with institutional price moves:

Chart-1: AAPL on the chart, showing short setups

AAPL Trade Colors Example

What the chart is telling you:

Trade with the highlighted price moves and focus on trading for short price increments and compound interest, rather than assuming that a price move develops into a long-term trend. In the matter of 20 trading days, you were able to realize three trading opportunities, each giving you about a 1.8% return: Equaling about a 5.4% return per month. With 12 investment cycles and compounding interest, this is adding up to an 88% return per year, while you always trade with a defined risk (stop) and a specified target.

To participate in all market moves, you need to have short selling strategies in your trading repertoire that allow you, even when you trade out of an IRA or account below $25,000 (SEC regulation) to participate in downside price moves. We teach those strategies in our individual sessions and support you by hundreds of pages of clear cut documentation.

Liquidity Providers: Market Makers, ECN’s, and Wholesalers are another important market force and you can spot and portrait their market action on the chart, by them being under the constant aim to adjust their inventory positions. In an efficient market they can only do that if they are able to worsen the position of other market participants. We just concluded a long-term project and built the NeverLossTrading Swing Point Concept, which lets you spot and follow liquidity provider market actions:

Chart-3: AAPL 1-Hour NLT Swing Point Chart

Swing Point Chart AAPL 1 Hour (2)

The strength of this concept is that it helps you to find chart situations with a higher expected reward than risk on a high probability price-move-setup.

All NeverLossTrading systems are modular and adaptive to each other. Many of our clients decided to trade with more than one NLT system to increase their participation rate and trade accuracy:

Making money trading is all about probabilities, earns and turns.

To experience how you can spot and follow institutional money moves:

Schedule your personal consulting hour:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

We are looking forward to an exciting interactive session where you call the symbols and we show you how high probability trade setups can help you to turn into the trader you want to be.

If you are not yet part of our trading tips and free webinars, please sign up here and we keep you up-to-date….sign up here.

Good trading,


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