Short- versus Long-Term Trading

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Dear Fellow Trader,

Actual topics for June 2015:

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  1. Status of the Market and Trade Focus: Short- versus Long-Term Trading

Why is currently long-term positioning trading more difficult and what to do as a trader?

Let us check the S&P 500 as the core market index for stocks on a weekly chart and it shows that the US-stock-markets are in a Purple Zone (time period of directional ambiguity) since the end of January. So far we had no close of a candle outside the price containment area set in the week of December 15, 2014. Yes, we pointed a new high, but closed the week right inside the price containment area.

SPY Weekly Chart 2014 to YTD

SPY 2015

What to do?

Rather trade shorter-term!

Swing Trades: Expect to be in the trade 1-5 days

From daily charts, focus on stocks that make an independent move (check your NLT Correlation Coefficient, a NLT Top-Line lower study ). By the current cyclic nature of the market, for every swing trade you start, prepare to apply trade adjustment methods rather than taking stops. Here is a calculation example what this will do to your trading. The following example is calculated on a 60% win rate and compares methods of reducing the risk to half and eliminating the risk by applying trade adjustment methods, we teach in our mentorships.

Trade Adjustment Methods Calculated

Further actions:

  • Trade from the 4-Hour chart, when weekly signals are surpassed.
  • Build a 4-Hour Watch List by weekly signals and trade confirmed signals

Day Trades: Your premier focus for the time being.

  • Trade from the 1-Hour chart when daily signals are surpassed.
  • Produce a 1-Hour Watch List from daily signals and trade confirmed 10 a.m. onward signals.
  • Use your 10-Minute trading strategies for strong NLT Pre-Market Movers Alerts and the NLT HF Trading Alerts.

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