Natural and Mathematical Trading Models

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Our brains are wired to detect patterns and we are taught to think in linear relationships; hence, we connect and project data points with lines and channels regardless of validity of the data correlation.

In nature, nothing develops in straight lines.

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The model of an exchange of assets is a natural model of finding a balance in supply and demand and thus, linear models do not signify good orientation points.

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River Flow Opening

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You might ask yourself: what has a river flow and a trading model in common?

Let us relate those and explain comparing the influences of predicting the water flow of a river and a stock price development, where we list the influential factors for a change in water flow or the price change of a Stock side-by-side:

Influential Factors for the River Water Flow Influential Factors for a Stock Price Change
A)   A change at the source of the river, by focusing or splitting the water flow. A)   Share capital increase or a reduction of the shares offered by a buyback program.
B)   Additional bodies of water added or subtracted to or from the river. B)   A stock added or subtracted to or from a major index, where fund managers now need to buy or sell the asset to follow the index.
C)   Narrowing or widening the riverbed. C)   New key asset holders with a changed offering at the bid and ask per price increment.
D)   Heavy rain or draught. D)   Appraisal or news based additional supply or demand.

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