Never Loss Trading Alerts Updated for May 1, 2017

April 29, 2017 at 9:17 am Leave a comment

When markets are moving slower, there are still opportunities to capture:

The last hours of the day offer such opportunity and now, you can follow through on confirmed signals.

Knowing and testing this effect for the last years, we are ready to publish the last hour opportunity alert, which is integrated into our NLT All-in-One Alert.

In another filtering step we also developed the NLT Short list as a tab on the NLT All-in-One Alert.

This way you can easily carry over selected symbols into your watch list, to scan for high/low breaks:

Giving you the opportunity to be alarmed when one of the observed symbols fulfills the required chart setup conditions; without the need for you to watch and control multiple charts at the same time.

Ending the month of April, the NLT Long Term Investor Alert includes an updated monthly alert for May 2017.

Monday, May 1, most of Europe celebrates a holiday: Labor Day and thus, the pre-market on Monday might be a bit slower.

Many of our NLT Alerts are there for you to test FREE for one Week…check it out and click.

For more information on how to operate with a high probability trading system:

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