Short-Term Trading Concept Continued

March 25, 2020 at 8:06 am Leave a comment

We just introduced a short-term trading concept with the E-Mini S&P Futures and the E-Micro S&P Futures: Read it with the following link…click.

We have an environment where nine of the twelve federal reserve banks announced to buy stocks.

They sure operate in cycles and buy when it is favorable.

Our indicators paint those cycles on the chart for you to follow:

S&P Micro Futures Contract 20-Minute Chart,  March 24 – Early March 25, 2020

What would it do to your trading, if you were able to spot and follow those market swings:

With our concept, we only buy or sell when the spelled out price threshold is surpassed in the next candle, and we trade for a maximum price move of 2-SPU’s (Speed Units). You find the trading distance market on the chart an in the top left corner of the chart.

This concept surely works on other time frames.

Following the NeverLossTrading concept, all trades shall follow pre-defined rules and be based on high probability indications: ≥ 65%. In addition, we want to trade with limited risk and balance the risk with on the basis of your account holdings.

You also find a short video integrated, explaining the details of the trade and the concept we follow.

For adding what we share today into your knowledge and skillset, schedule your personal consulting hour:

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