Longer-Term Trading in Volatile Times

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Can one trade longer-term price developments in times of COVID-19?

To answer this question, let us define longer-term trading first.

By our definition, longer-term trades take their signals from weekly and monthly charts, assuming to hold positions for multiple weeks or months.

The key to longer-term trading as it is to shorter-term trading:

Finding assets in demand or supply, and trading along with their price development with a risk-limiting strategy.

We generated a video where we are explaining the details in a ten-minute presentation: watch it here…click.

Risk-limiting is the keyword!

When you are just long or short stock, you are not trading risk limited: stocks can lose 50% of their value in a very short period of time. Check out BA, for example: The share dropped 50% of its value in a matter of two months.

In trading, we predict price developments, but cannot control them:

We work under a probability assumption, but we can control the risk we take per trade.

However, risk control is easier said than done. We offer multiple strategies in our mentorships, teaching you to execute risk-limiting trades that are applicable for all account types: Cash, IRA, Margin Accounts.

How to find and follow a potential price move?

It is the duty of your system: It shall help you to find underlying changes in supply and demand, paint those on your charts, and to give you market scanners that let you find those opportunities without the need for going through hundreds of charts.

Let us start out with a monthly chart example where the NeverLossTrading Top-Line system speller out multiple directional trading opportunities by upper- and lower study indicators.

AAPL Monthly NLT Top-Line Chart: October 2017 to April 2020

You see five highlighted situations that we analyze in detail for you.

Situation-1Long trade by the price threshold: Buy > $190.37, being surpassed in the next candle. Trade for a maximum of five bars or to the price target. The trade started in an NLT Light Tower and ended there (candle with the cyan dot).
Situation-2No trade, not supported by the lower study.
Situation-3Long trade for a maximum of five bars or exit at the NLT Box Line.
Situation-4Long trade for a maximum of five bars.
Situation-5Short trade to targe.

Watch the video for further details and examples…click.

Trade as mechanical as possible with clear cut rules. Learn how to apply this:

To learn and participate in such opportunities:

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or contact@NeverLossTrading.com

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Good trading!

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