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This white paper shows how we combine NeverLossTrading indications and options trading activity for finding and following trading and investing opportunities when they develop intraday.

We are blogging and sharing content for more than ten years, and we helped many traders and investors to produce consistent income from the financial markets.

With our systems and indicators, we are tracking institutional money moves and trade along with those by finding and acting on high probability setups with the goal of ≥ 65% accurate directional prediction.

Let us give you an example of how our systems spell out opportunities on the chart to spot and follow:

AAPL Weekly NLT Top-Line Chart, Feb. to Aug. 2020

AAPL on a Weekly NeverLossTrading Top-Line Chart

Even so, reading and operating with our indicators needs to be learned, the chart demonstrates how our system points out opportunities at key price turning points and along with the price development of the observed asset: in our case AAPL.

For more input on our systems:

In the NLT Options Trading Alert, we combine NLT indicator readings and options trading activities, highlighting where our systems find significant changes in supply and demand intraday. There is no fixed reporting schedule, the trading day and happening defines when the alerts are generated:

  • First reports come out around 10 a.m. ET forward.
  • End of the day alerts, around 3 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. ET.
  • We only share reports when referring changes in supply and demand are identified. When nothing happens, no alert will be generated and shared.
  • An alert based on the end of the day numbers will also be generated and shared.
  • Only shares with meaningful option trading conditions are considered (tight bid/ask spreads, minimum volume and open interest requirements we set).

With the NLT systems, we are operating on confirmed signals only: Daily signals, for example, have to be confirmed in the price continuation of the next day.

By combining early indicator readings and options trading activities, we are opening positions without confirmation on the day of occurrence, and we were able to achieve high probability results ≥ 65%.

In summary: The goal of this new alert service is to inform you intraday about happenings: The actual price move of the underlying, combined with the intraday options activity, proposes early entries into developing directional price moves.

Options trading with the right strategies provides:

  • Fantastic return opportunities.
  • Risk-limited trading: Limiting the trading risk, either to the premium paid, when buying options, or to the width of the spreads, minus the premium received on credit spreads.  

We are a big proponent of trading risk-limited only; it builds the basis for every successful trader by preventing drawdowns.

Could you have traded the stock instead of the option on the spelled out opportunities?

Yes, because we traded directional only, and such trading the stock instead of the option would have lead to the same positive results: 72% winners over 28% losing trades.

Before launching this alert service, we tested the NLT Options Trading Alert for three months, with the following results:

  • Between June 4 and August 25, 2020, we conducted 69 trades in 58 trading days: 1.2 transactions per day. Of those, 60 positions are closed, and nine are still open.
  • Of the 60 closed trades, 43 (72%) were winners and 17-times we lost (28%).
  • The average return of the winning trades was 74% of the investment made. The average loss was 65% of the investment made.
  • On the first pass, we kept the maximum risk-unit per trade below $500, and such we left put or call buying opportunities for high-value shares like TSLA out, except spread trades allowed to participate with the set risk limit.  

In summary: We were winning more often than we lost, and we produced a higher return and lower loss average per trade:

A success principle in which we believe in!

Here is an overview of the stock symbols we traded (options of some of the listed symbols were traded multiple times):  

Stock Symbols of the Options Trades Conducted

The listed symbols were not the only trades we conducted; NLT offers multiple alert services from which we choose and execute opportunities for all asset classes: stock, options, futures, and FOREX.

All traded symbols provided substantial daily open interest and volume: an imperative for meaningful options trading.

The average time in a trade was 11 days, with the following  distribution:

Average Days in a Trade

About 25% of the trades were adjusted, mostly by rolling positions forward:

  • 40% of the losing trades were adjusted
  • 12% of the winning trades were adjusted

By producing an average 74% return over a 65% average loss, the adjustment method provided an edge. Options trading adjustment methods are taught at our mentorship programs.

Watch our video about the NLT Options Alert …click

Producing consistent income from trading and investing is a process, and we provide systems, strategies, and a game plan, helping you to develop yourself into the trader you want to be.

If you are up for learning this and using the NLT Options Alert, let us get super interactive on multiple levels:

  • Level-1: Write us an email that you want to test the end of the day NLT Options Alert to see if you can get value out of it, and it will end up in your inbox at the end of the day or early next day. Subj.: NLT Options Alert Only.
  • Level-2: We interact with you and share opportunities we find intraday and at the end of the day. When you are up for this, we want to have content-filled conversations, and such we want to offer this to ten individuals only. For being able to act on the opportunities we share, options trading experience is of help. If you want to learn how to work with our systems, indicators, and strategies, we are happy to help you with one of our mentorship programs (incl. software, teaching, coaching). For being part of Options Level-2, please email us: Subj.: NLT Options Exchange.

No, there is no charge, and no credit card is needed to participate. When you like our service, we will make you an offer, and you decide if you accept it or not. For you to participate, a legit name and email address is needed:

We are looking forward to hearing back from you!


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