Trading and Point of Reference

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A correlation measures the strength of a relationship between two quantitative variables, expressed in three results:

  • Correlation (the higher, the stronger)
  • No correlation (independent happenings)
  • Opposite correlation (one happening or variable is counter the happening of the other).

The European financial markets forerun the US market by six hours; hence, we like to spot over the pond for the happening. The strongest correlation we found is between the DAX (German stock market index) and the S&P 500. See why

DAX (red-blue) and S&P 500 Six Months Daily Compared

DAX and S&P 500 Development Compared

Even so, the market composition is different; the two indexes develop in a tight relationship.

In NLT Top-Line, we measure the correlation of the price development of assets to the overall market and found that independent happening or uncorrelated price moves often lead to strong results.

The following chart is showing ZM, Zoom video on a weekly NLT Top-Line chart, and we highlight a signal combination that is prone for a strong price breakout:

  • Blue buy signal on the price chart: Buy > $295.97
  • Purple highlighted volume, an indication for a pre-stage of a breakout
  • NLT comparison signal: Up 295.97, showing that the stock is developing stronger than the market.
  • Stock independent and not correlated to the stock market

ZM on Weekly NLT Top-Line Chart, July – September 20202

This is how you have multiple measures to decide when a trade constellation is on the chart that deserves special attention. Here a short video explaining how to find those opportunites…click.

Those rules are learnable and documented for you. We spend 20-hours of individual training, teaching you those and appropriate risk limited strategies for going to market, and we work with you in a three-month mentorship, reinforcing that the rule we teach stick with you. For more information, we invite you to a personal consulting hour, with no obligation:

+1 866 455 4520 or

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