Why a Different Trading Strategy Pays Off

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We want to invite you to a new trading concept and put the details in a short article with the offer to experience life, how this can work for you.

Let us compare trading to a chess game; when you know in advance your opponent’s next move, you act prepared and most likely win the match. Exactly how institutional investors act by understanding the pain thresholds and counteract others’ moves.

Are you familiar with situations where the price exactly came to your stop, and the moment you were stopped out, it moved in the desired direction? It happens because you act predictably.

Most traders decide from time-based charts, and this is where we help and invite you into the world of high probability trading by applying a different concept: NLT Timeless Trading.

NeverLossTrading Timeless Trading Introduction

Our brand name NeverLossTrading derives from a concept of trade repair and not taking the stop. Never Stop Loss Trading was a bit lengthy. The basis of our concepts are high probability setups that sure work on time-based charts, but today, we want to invite you eliminating time and acting differently.

Let me give you a bit of background:

We are more than ten years in business, and our Algo-trading parameters are back-tested using available historical and real-time data to demonstrate that we provide viable trading strategies.

Most algo-trading today is high-frequency trading (HFT), which attempts to capitalize on placing a large number of orders at rapid speeds across multiple markets and multiple decision parameters based on preprogrammed instructions; however, this is not what we do. We call our systems and strategies Algorithmic Trading with Human Interaction: You remain the captain of your trading decisions. We propose to only act on meaningful time frames for price changes that keep trading costs, composed of commissions and slippage, in an acceptable range.

We customize our programs and mentorships to your wants and needs and highly recommend striving for multiple income streams rather than on one single strategy.

Systematic trading is our focus, and we share strategies for time-based and timeless setups.

At this point, you might ask yourself what timeless means?

Time is not a critical element, assuming that markets quickly adjust to a supply or demand change. Considering this, we developed algorithms that purely look at price change as a decisive factor. We take the price change to trade for from a time-based SPU. SPU stands for Speed Unit, a measure of expected price change over time, a measure of statistical volatility. Instead of explaining the nature and calculation of SPU, let us black-box the SPU and show how NLT Timeless investment charts can help you make high probability decisions in the financial markets.

Acting with predictable moves is rarely a winning strategy.

If you use a dynamic, less predictable entry, exit, and stop definition, you certainly have the chance to increase your trading accuracy. Here is an overview of the most commonly used trading decisions. 

Share of the Usage of Trading Decision Making Variables

Usage of Decision Making Variables in Trading

With NLT Timeless Trading, time is taken out of cohesion. This will make your decisions less predictable; however, the stronger argument of the idea is:

We are helping you to simplify your trading decisions by specifying conditions to execute bracket or OCO orders along with the price movement of underlying assets.

The system works for all asset classes: Stocks, Futures, and FOREX.

What we casually named variables are, in reality, results of an underlying change in supply and demand. In the base economic principle, price is a result of a shift in supply and demand. Time is not considered a determining factor. The model assumes that markets regulate themselves instantaneously by economic principles.

The typical problem for a trader is: In hindsight, you know what happened, and we want to help you predict the future price happening with high predictability and frequently by our systems and concepts.

Money flow accepts price as the resulting variable of a change in supply and demand and specifies potential price move setups with clearly defined:

  • Entries (price threshold)
  • Exits (targets)
  • Stops (wrong assumption)

With our systems and strategies, we want to help you to higher accuracy:

  • Only accepting a trade when the direction is confirmed
  • Exiting at a pre-defined target, prevening for the price to pull back and taking your profits away before you realize them
  • Choosing an adequate stop so you are not taken out of a trade by a too-tight stop and keeping reward and risk in a meaningful balance.

A Quick tip: buyers and sellers move the market; whoever has the upper hand moves the market in their direction.

In this writeup, we focus on day trading and refer to swing trading or longer-term investing in separate documentation.

Let us show you why by a chart example, using a combination of NLT Top-Line and Trend Catching indicators focusing on Futures trading examples.

/ES NLT Timeless Investing Chart

With NLT Timeless Investing, we anticipate holding positions between one to five weeks, striving for targets above 100 Points (a price change of the underlying E-Mini contract ≥ $5,000).

Long-Term NLT Timeless Trading Chart

From September 2020 to the end of July 2021, multiple trade situations were painted on the chart by the NLT Timeless Indicators. By following the rules, the trade exit was either at target, stop or at the close of candle #5. The chart shows eight trade situations

  • Six winners
  • One loss
  • One open trade

The NLT Timeless trading concept lets you act different, unpredictable and at high probability setups, with pre-specified reward/risk scenarios, providing you with opportunities for:

  • Day Trading (multiple trades per day)
  • Swing Trading (holding between one and five days)
  • and Longer-Term Investing (holding for one to five weeks)

We definitively prefer and recommend taking part in each of those trade perspectives, producing multiple streams of income.

NLT Timeless Swing Trading Example

NeverLossTrading Timeless Swing Trading Example

NLT Timeless Day Trading Example

NeverLossTrading Timeless Day Trading Example

We can only show that much in an article and hope we caught your interest.

Be a game-changer and schedule your personal introduction hour: contact@NeverLossTrading.com  to NLT Timeless Trading and experience how our systems work life.

We work one-on-one exclusively, and such, do not miss out; time is limited for timeless trading.

The important message, when you sign up with us, you learn time-based and timeless trading.

Our algorithmic trading concepts provide a more systematic approach to active trading than methods based on trader intuition or instinct.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you,



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