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How to Predict and Trade Price Moves with High Probability

What probability are you trading on?

Learn: How to Predict and Trade Price Moves with High Probability

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Mechanical System

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The vast majority: 85% of the financial markets are institutional money driven. Institutions always try to hide their footsteps; however, by the sheer size, they are identifiable and the private investor/trader can spot and trade along with them.

Successful trading is based on finding and following repetitive supply- and demand patterns: The price change you see is a result, not a variable and what we want to demonstrate, is how you can find and participate in directional price changes before they happen.

Prediction connects the subjective and the objective reality: This means, you can test what we show you in the real world: For you to compare how well you predict trade entries and exits today and how, what is shared with you, might make a change for your trading future.

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Easy to Follow Day Trading and Swing Trading System

An easy to follow trading system shall offer you clearly defined entries, exits, and stops; right on the chart: Trade What You See!

In case you are still guessing about those, watch our 10-minute video and see what is possible for you.

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We feature: our introductory system, which allows you to upgrade to any of our higher level stems, getting your entire tuition payment acknowledged.

NLT Trend Catching: Trade at the initiation and multiple times through the continuation of a price trend. Experience the system with newly added features.

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Introduction to Activity Based Algorithmic Trading

Hi Trader,

2016 Trading is on and the markets are giving you fantastic opportunities to participate in shorter-term price moves.

NLT Top-Line Crude Oil  January 2015

How would it feel, to turn your money every second day?

Do you have instruments on hand that you take $100-risk increments to participate in price moves as shown on the chart above?

We just held a presentation at a Trader’s Exclusive Event and in case you missed it, here is a recording link; however, it will only be up for a couple of days. The video is not public, only available for your personal viewing with the following link:

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When you are serious about trading check out how algorithmic trading, prior only available to institutions, can change your way to act in the markets as a private investor.

  • Detect financial leader’s buying and selling activities right on your chart.
  • Trade price action at meaningful time frames.
  • Pair this knowledge with sound money and risk management.

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How to Stay Engaged in Your Trading – Pre-Market Movers

In our series of how to stay engaged in your trading, today, we want to refer to assets with a price move prior to the US-market opening.

Many of the US listed stocks are traded on international exchanges. Based on that, institutions already set new price points prior to the US market opening.

Never be late for a trade

In the morning, between 8:30 a.m. and 9 a.m. east, some of you receive a report called NeverLossTrading Pre-Market Movers. Listed are assets with market pressure and we prefer trading those either on a 10-Minute chart or on a 4-hour chart.

The referring trading concepts are taught in our mentorships.

Your big advantage of receiving this report: You trade assets on the move.

NLT Pre-Market Movers for July 16, 2015 (yesterday)

Pre-Market Movers July 16, 2015

What you see are stocks, futures and Forex pairs, where our scanners and indicators found price pressure, which might lead to stronger directional price moves.

As said, we prefer to trade developing price moves on 10-minute and 4-hour charts. Here our yesterday’s results, following our entry and exit rules:

NLT Pre-Market Movers Alert Results on July 16, 2015

Pre-Market Movers July 16 Results, 2015

What is the return expectation?

Prior to getting there, let us run some numbers on trading days and opportunities:

  • We have about 250 trading days.
  • At 50 out of 250 days, nothing is happening: leaves us with 200 opportunities for trading.
  • On a 4-hour chart, in average, we are about two days in a trade.
  • With two days in a trade, this gives us 100 opportunities a year to participate in trades.
  • About 40% of the listed opportunities fulfill the set trade conditions.
  • When trading a 10-minute chart, all positions opened will be closed the same day.
  • To open and close about three positions per day, you need to find 600 trading opportunities a year.
  • When we trade on a daily chart, the average time in a trade is four days; hence, we assume to take 50 trades per year.

As a result, you need to develop 250 – 600 trading opportunities per year either on your own or you rely on a proven alert system like NLT Alerts.

Return Expectations, at winning two out of three trades:

Stock Return Calculation

On a return expectation, the 4-hour trade runs at par with daily trade, trading frequently at 10 minute charts, has a 2.4 times higher return expectation.

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If your aim is to achieve higher returns, leveraged products like Stock Options, Futures, and FOREX will be the right choice for you and we are happy to give you personal insights.

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Trading in Times of Ambiguity

Since the end of January 2015, SPY, our leading indicator for the stock market, remains in the Purple Zone; expressing ambiguity: Institutional leaders give no clear sign for directional price moves.

SPY Price Development 2015 (Weekly Chart)

SPY in Ambiguity 2015

However; we observe long weekly candles, which allow for shorter-term directional trades, while positioning trading is only advisable for assets with strong individual price moves. Independent individual movers on our watch list for next week are for example: AAL (however, DAL will declare earnings, which might have an impact), and EBAY.

As a consequence for next week, we favor 4-hour, 1-hour, 30-min and even 10-min trades over positioning trades.

Please build up your watch lists for stocks accordingly:

  • 4-hour trades from the last hour movers and long-term investor alerts, scans prior to 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. ET.
  • 1-hour trades from the last hour movers and the stock alert list.

On the side of Futures trading, we see market pressure at Stock Market Indexes, Bonds/Notes.

Currency traders, watch for moves in the AUD, JPY, and CND.

This question came to us: How important is the lower earnings declaration of AA (Alcoa) for the stock market development? Let us put the SPY (pink line) and Alcoa (red/blue line) on one chart:

SPY and Alcoa Price Development Compared on a Daily Chart

SPY and Alcoa July 2015

Since February of this year, Alcoa took and independent price move to the downside, which was not correlated with the overall stock market; hence, the influence of AA reporting 10% lower than expected earnings is not seen as significant for the price development of the overall stock market.

For your next week’s trading, please consider that a new earnings season just started. Hence, trade carefully and consider protecting long-term positions over earnings.

The financial markets have their complexity; however, we help you to de-complex them by focusing on spotting and following institutional money moves. If you like to learn how you can do this on your own, check our offering: and feel free to schedule your personal consulting hour:

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