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How to Predict and Trade Price Moves with High Probability

What probability are you trading on?

Learn: How to Predict and Trade Price Moves with High Probability

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Date/Time: Wed., May 18, 4:30-5:30 p.m. EDT

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Mechanical System

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The vast majority: 85% of the financial markets are institutional money driven. Institutions always try to hide their footsteps; however, by the sheer size, they are identifiable and the private investor/trader can spot and trade along with them.

Successful trading is based on finding and following repetitive supply- and demand patterns: The price change you see is a result, not a variable and what we want to demonstrate, is how you can find and participate in directional price changes before they happen.

Prediction connects the subjective and the objective reality: This means, you can test what we show you in the real world: For you to compare how well you predict trade entries and exits today and how, what is shared with you, might make a change for your trading future.

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Give Yourself a Trading or Investing Gift

If you trade or invest how you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always gotten.

Alter this quote a little and it applies to most things in life.

Give yourself the gift of personal growth and transformation, so you can create real, lasting change in yourself and for others through your trading and investing activities.


When your current trading or investing scheme does not get you where you want to be, why do you expect a different result without making a change?

Why does it not work for you?

Most likely, you are using a system that is not reflecting the actual happening of the markets (institutional money moves); by applying a mathematical model that does not filter signal from noise:

  • We define a signal as a pre-stage or continuation stage of a directional price move.
  • Noise is a random happening that does not qualify for a significant predictability to a directional price move.
  • We define signal-significance for those with an average predictability above 63%.
  • Same type signals have to repeat themselves on multiple time frames, tick frames, ranges, for all assets; while you need to consider meaningfulness to trade outside the noise level.

Signal and Noise: Do you Trade at Significant Price Turning Points?


Based on our statistics, standard indicators: Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Candle Patterns, and others, lead to a positive expectation, however at an average 53-55% predictability; thus, below our desired level of significance. Click here to experience what a change to a higher probability trading system can do for you.

However, the level of predictability alone will not get you to where you want to be:

  • You need to know how to find assets with a price move.
  • Money management is essential to prevent drawdowns.
  • Risk management is an imperative to evaluate every situation to decide if the odds are in your favor and what size position you take per trade setup.
  • Do you review what worked and what did not and how to make changes?
  • Are you following a business plan for trading success (financial plan and action plan), so you always know what to do, when, and how?

In our mentorships, we extend this list of principle actions for retail traders and give you the tools on hand, needed for your trading or investing in the financial markets; sharing more than 30 years of experience, manifested in clear cut algorithmic trading rules, with defined: entries, exits, and stops or adjustment levels.

Let me give you some examples:

Gold Futures, Daily NLT Top-Line Chart for November 8 to December 16, 2016


The above chart shows you two clearly defined entries: Sell <$1,218.70 and Sell <$1,181.20, allowing you to operate with sell-stop orders, which only got you in the trade when the set price threshold. The red dot on the chart identifies the price level for the first exit and by our algorithm, we assume to get there in the next one to ten bars. Both trades lead to winners and you will learn all the rules and decision making base to operate with our indicators and charts during our mentorship, which always includes a coaching session with feedback on real time trades.

If you wanted to trail your stop on the above chart, you do this with the red line, which sits on top of the red momentum based frame and is called the NeverLossTrading Double Decker Study.

Does that also work on lower time frames?

Gold Futures, 1-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart, December 14-15, 2016


Again, the chart called two trades that both came to target. However on the first signal: Sell <1147.40, we see a cyan volume bar and on such occasion we trade between two happenings: What starts in a NLT Light Tower (candle with a cyan dot) most probably ends in a NLT Light Tower; allowing you to trade for bigger price moves, trailing your stop with the red line on the chart.

If you rather want to participate in the price move with options or ETF’s, you can learn those strategies in all details during the mentorship program.

For every trader or investor, it’s easy to get caught up in our own minds, or worse, taking bad advice from an inferior system; paying the markets without gaining knowledge or skill.

Think this over as you head into 2017, and if you are ready for a change, check our offering…click, and let us know which system might fit your wants and needs and we are happy to give you a personal, live demonstration:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

By teaching and coaching one-on-one, spots are extremely limited, so do not miss out.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you,


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Basic Trading Success Principles

As a trader you are making financial decisions which involve another party to buy or sell to: Somebody is taking the other side of your trade and they are trying to profit from your decision.

Some people perceive this as an unfair game; however, this is how the system is set up: Realize that the responsibility to make the right decision is on one person, you.

Your challenge is to first become aware of this issue, and then understand how to make the right decision and, lastly, feel comfortable doing it repetitively.

Who represents the other side of your trade?

An institution, providing liquidity; allowing your order to be instantaneously filled when your offer is matched.

Liquidity providers – often characterized as market makers, but not limited to market makers – can only stay in business when they constantly make more right than wrong decisions.

By this setup, you are facing a strong opponent: A professional trader, prepared and ready for doing everything that his decision is better than yours.

This simple understanding already gives us a hit why many beginning traders fail in their trading endeavors.

What is your way around this and how can you be more on the right than on the wrong side of a trade?

Institutions dominate more than 85% of the financial market decisions. Their activity leaves a trace, which gives you a base to spot and follow institutional money moves by applying the success principles of NeverLossTrading:

Always consider: A single action of an institution does not start a price trend; you only want to put money behind the action when other market participants confirm the new trade direction:

NeverLossTrading Activity Based Price Move Model

Pricing Model NLT

Another important aspect you want to take a note on: Key asset holders will have a strong need to re-balance their inventories and thus, at a certain price expansion point will either float- or shorten supply, which will result in an opposite directional price move; taking away from your profits. Knowing this, we pre-calculate how far the expected price move shall reach and encourage you to take profit, before you can assume prices to retrace or revert.

Our tool to calculate the expected price move is the SPU = Speed Unit

SPU with Text

Basically: You trade with the trend when it starts and you exit before the end.

Does that always work?

The answer is no, but we can show you how it works frequently with a high probability.

Setup your personal consulting hour:

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Find the system, which is right for you and learn trading from a success coach, focused on highly efficient one-on-one training and coaching sessions.

Learning trading class-room-style is inefficient and takes years: to move ahead on a fast pass, learn one-on-one, with focus on your wants and needs.

Let us give you some chart examples:

Example-1: NLT Trend Catching Chart November 11 to December 1, 2015

Trend Catching ES 4-Hour Trade

NLT Trend Catching provides multiple re-entries on a developing trend with limited risk and clearly defined targets. The constellation above shows highlighted in orange, when trade directions got confirmed. According to our trading model that we shared above, signals that do not get confirmed lead to no trade.

Example-2: NLT Top-Line Chart for Gold Futures

Top-Line Gold 2015

Gold futures dropped 65 basis points or $6,500 dollars/contract in seven trading days.

Would such clearly distinct directional signals help you to make more sound decisions along with institutional investors?

If you are not a futures trader, we show you how to participate in such a downtrend with an ETF.

In case your account does not allow you to short assets, let us demonstrate how you can reach the same and on top leverage the price move by trading options.

Make a change for your trading and setup your personal consulting hour:

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Based on one-on-one training our capacities are limited.

Do not miss out.

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Some Hints on Trading Strategies

Lately, I was listening at some multi-speaker events to the presentation of several trading strategies and no wonder that many of you are doubtful in the application of any.

Well known presenters showed strategies, which are very easy to follow and administer: When a certain asset goes comes down 16-ticks, you go long for 32 and you risk five. Charts and an actual trade proofed that this is right and works.

Another one was, when gold moves up or down that much at 6 p.m., you go long or short and then overnight you are making money.

Those are billionaire strategies if they would work and they sell for just $97 from normally $197. It is a must buy for everybody who believes this is doable.

When trading is that easy, we would have already produced an indicator and auto trader which does this all the time for us while we are hanging out at the beach and come home rich.

What will actually happen: You will find out in your account statement what a $97 investment can cost you.

A pro makes money with what the person does. Which profession is there, where you can be a pro by watching one DVD?

Think about what determines the value of a product or service?

  • Some are raw material related, when little work is done to them, like simple jewelry.
  • Many others define their value by the cost of labor involved and skilled labor can drive those prices high, like a car.
  • Others have their value based on the productivity they bring and pay for themselves in either replacing other cost elements or by increasing productivity (throughput) and by that shorten the payback time.

When you consider this, and when you risk $500 per trade, and it does not work out twenty times, you invested $10,000; while you wanted to spend just $97.

The issue is:

“You paid the market and you still have no tools on hand that help your next trade to be more successful”.

Do you want to make a change to your trading?

Consider a NeverLossTrading Mentorship; you will be coached, supported with indicators, concepts, in individual training sessions were we are caring about your trading success.

If you like to experience this in action:

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AAPL Daily Chart:
Learn to use this indicators; trade strategies for stocks, options, futures, Forex;
Position sizing, hedging and leveraging,  continues improvement and so much more.

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Gold Futures Trading Worth Gold

What we share today can be worth gold for you. 

The following statements are common knowledge; however, applying common knowledge is mostly not common:

“The investment in you is the one which pays the highest return”

“Knowledge is power” 

There are various ways to participate in the value change of gold.

The one we pick today is trading Gold Futures (full contract, controlling 100 oz. of Gold).

NeverLossTrading offers you an opportunity to change your life.

In the NLT Top-Line program, you learn to trade a situation, which exists out of a two candle sequence.

Start: “Trade Initiation Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle with a Top-Line Signal.

End:  “Trade Exhaustion Candle” – NLT Light Tower Candle.

The foundation and background of this trade is shared in our mentorships.

Here is how it works:

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 1

You see two trades:

One trade to the downside, between $1242.50 and $1,200; where the difference of $42.50 relates to a value gain per Gold Futures Contract of $4,250 with an overnight maintenance margin of $7,975; providing you a sound 50% return opportunity in the matter of a very foreseeable time frame of 1-5 days.

One trade to the upside, between $1,227.10 and $1,257.10; relating to a $3,000 value gain per Gold Futures Contract.

The key question is: Are those trade patterns repeatable?

Let’s see two more charts to demonstrate:

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 2

The chart shows a trade to the upside between $1253.60 and $1,286.10; representing a value difference of $33.50 or a gain in the Gold Futures Contract of $3,350.

Without any additions, check out the next:

NeverLossTrading Gold Chart 3

Again, a trade to the upside: $1,334.50 to 1,343.50; representing a value gain in the futures contract of $900. In addition, a trade to the downside for a gain of $400.

Adding up the three trades, an income of $7,250 (Chart 1) + $3,350 (Chart 2) + $1,300 (Chart 3) was made, equaling a total gain of $12,900 by just trading one contract.

Surely, past performance cannot always be taken indicative for future results.

Now, what will it cost you to learn this method; use those indicators and receive further education in many dimension of trading the financial markets?

Today, we offer you NLT Top-Line-Lite (NLT Top-Line Mentorship excluding the NLT Top-Line Seasonality Study and the NLT Top-Line Scanners) for a $2,000 discount from its original price of $9,997 = $7,997

An offer never made before, delivering the power of applicable trading knowledge right to you.

The NLT Top-Line-Lite Mentorship includes:

  • Software (multiple indicators installed on your computer)
  • Documentation of Every Trade and Signal (200 pages)
  • Opportunity Report (3 months, min. 3-5 times/week, detailed report)
  • One-on-one or small group coaching
  • 6-Month-Mentorship

Do not miss out on this opportunity!

In the mentorship, you will also learn how to make use of this trading sequence for other type of securities and how to apply option trading strategies and much, much more.

Contact us:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

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