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Free Online Trading Conference

Investor Inspiration:

Lessons from the Trading Desk

Online Training Conference

Friday, August 3rd, 10:00 am to 2:45 pm EDT

Conference by NeverLossTrading

Looking for the most comprehensive market updates on Forex, Stocks, Options, & Futures trading?

Then join 6 renowned financial experts as they reveal the secrets of today’s hottest market opportunities. Register Here!

Watch live, as our experts take you step-by-step through the trading strategies and techniques that have made them — and their clients — successful!

Seats For This Virtual Event Are Free — But Extremely Limited — Reserve Your Spot Now!

Your benefits of attending:

  • See new developments in order flow analysis
  • Get tips and tricks for spotting market indicators
  • Learn how to trade with the market tempo
  • Get a checklist on selling options on expiration dates on the S&P 500 ETF
  • Find out how to find high probability trade setups
  • Discover a simple winning strategy that averages 1% returns per week
  • And much more!

The topics above are only a fraction of what will be covered in this conference. This is a must-attend webinar for every investor… and it’s FREE! Register Now. All registrants will receive access to the recording!

For questions, contact us:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

If you are not already subscribed to our free trading tips, reports, and webinars…sign up here.

Best regards,

Thomas Barmann

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Trade and Invest Mind-Based – Not Emotional

We are all driven by emotions; however, when it comes to trading and investing, you should give yourself rules on which you act and not believes.

Intro NeverLossTrading Rule Based Decision Making

What are the dominant emotions driving private investors? Fear and Greed.

The fear of losing, paired with the greed of missing out on an opportunity.

When the Bitcoin was on the hype, I had many who asked for a quick tip – and my answer was: stay out; when the average person starts knowing about an opportunity, it is over and somebody needs to buy at the high – let it not be you.

On a recent advertisement for a trading system that is around since long, the following trade proposal was propagated for AAPL, trading with Vertical Put-Spreads:

  • Maximum profit: $1,100
  • Maximum loss: $1,900

When we calculate the outcome based on different probabilities over 10-trades, you will immediately see that the odds are not much in your favor, even so, the trade was proposed based on the idea that you make money if the share price goes up, moves slightly down, or goes sideways.

10 Trades Win/Loss  50:50  60:40  65:35
Reward 1100 -4000 -1000 500
Risk 1900      

Sure, AAPL is a great company with products we love, but we want to encourage you: stop falling in love or being emotional with investments. At a 65% probability to predict the future, you should not only reach breakeven, you should make money!

A simple basic rule for making money trading: The odds of the trade setup need to be in your favor and you need a system that helps you to predict the future with a high probability.

There are not risk-free trades, and the idea that you can find trades that have a more than two-times the reward, compared to the risk to take, are rare: about 5% to 10% of the opportunities we record. Hence, you are doomed to somewhere trade in the area of a 1:1 reward/risk.

How to make money this way?

By following a system that gives you high probability trade setups ≥ 65%, applying clear cut money management and risk management rules.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It all starts with a system that records the price action of now and proposes when money is flowing in or out of an asset. For you to be part of the directional move, the system shall measure the potential price expansion, the statistical volatility (where to place the stop) and the maximum time in the trade: rule-based trading and investing.

The following examples show, how we initiate trades with buy-stop orders or sell-stop orders when the formulated price threshold is surpassed: Sell<0.7836 e.g., in the price development of the next candle. The stop is at the red-cross-bars. Find your target by a gray dot on the chart. Surely, additional rules apply, which we teach one-on-one, at your best available times.

AUD/USD NeverLossTrading TrendCatching Example

AUD_USD March 12, Example for NLT TrendCatching.png

Each of the highlighted trade situations allowed for an about 25 pip price move to target at a similar risk.

Let us demonstrate rule-based trading on a stock example:

AAPL NeverLossTrading Daily TrendCatching Chart

AAPL March 12, 2018.png

In five trade situations, we had four winning trades and one loss: high probability!

At each situation, the trade target was formulated and so was the stop. Only trades that were according to our reward/risk rule were accepted.

When you want to learn rule-based trading, we are happy to work on a live demonstration with you, where you can experience how our systems work at your preferred assets and time frames.

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or

If you are not already signed up for our free trading tips, reports, and webinars…sign up.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you,


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Make Money When the Stock Market Falls

NeverLossTrading gives you the instruments on hand and teaches you how to read market direction, to benefit if the markets go up, down or sideways.

How to read the market direction?

NLT HF-Trading Chart (click the chart to magnify)


Check out our little YouTube video for more details:

Our chart shows five orange color upwards pointing lines: The NLT-Trend-Channel.

The midline, the lower- and the upper-line are crucial for directional readings:

  • Up-trending stocks trend between the midline and the upper line.
  • Down-trending stocks use a price range between the midline and the lower line.

Knowing this, allows us already to make sound trading decisions. In addition, our charts spell out defined trade entries, with a price threshold, which has to be surpassed for us to enter a trade.

  • Buy above $136.46 and if the price of candle, following the trade-proposing candle surpasses this crucial price level we trade the upside.

What is the current trend reading?

On October 17, our chart showed an NLT Top-/Bottom finder signal: Pink, proposing to short the market, when the price for SPY (ETF of the S&P 500 Index) drops below $145.42, which happened the next day and was followed through on October 19, with a strong red candle showing an NLT sell-sign: Sell below $143.05.

The October 19 candle also broke the midline of the NLT Trend-Channel and with that all traders should either exit long positions or find some form of protection, and position themselves short.  In our mentorship classes you will learn:

  • How to read and trade with the trend.
  • When and how to make directional investment decisions without selling the entire portfolio.
  • How to short position yourself short with any type of account, even 401(k) accounts.
  • How to find forms of protection which will preserve your capital.
  • Where to enter and exit directional trades frequently and how to compound interest.

Trading can be easy for you, trading red and trading blue:

  • Red framed price ranges propose to trade to the downside.
  • Blue framed price ranges propose to trade to the upside.
  • Purple Zones, show were the market is not decided and when to best stay out or apply sideways strategies.

To learn all this ask for a personal demonstration, where you can pick the symbols to test our system on:

We are looking forward to share with you how to be on the right side of the markets.

Best regards,


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Generating Daily Income and Building Wealth with NeverLossTrading

At NeverLossTrading, we trade and teach how to trade for constant income. We only take high probability trades and stop or scale down when our daily goal is reached.

Today, September 29, 2011, was a typical trading day:

The Emini S&P 500 Index Contract was the instrument of choice. The goal was, to produce am minimum of 1.5 points per contract, which after trading costs gives us a return on capital invested of 5%.

Our day started on a great overnight movement, I took three trades this morning, and I was done for the day (10:30 a.m. ET).

Let me describe how and when I traded:

The trading time frame for this morning was the 2-minute chart.

At 8:30 a.m. ET, major news hit the market: GDP and Jobless Claims. The news triggered a NLT-Light-Tower Candle, with breakthrough to the upside, leaving the gray channel (European Channel) and I traded. The market speed was 0.875 points/2-Minutes and I took 0.75-points as a goal and the trade (8:36 a.m.) went easy with a fast fill.

Starting 9 a.m. ET, “Purple Zones” dominated the trade and I stayed out of the market. “Purple Zones” occur, where the market pressure is contained between boundaries while the marked forces decide for the direction to trade.

At 9:52 a.m. ET, the NLT indicators showed a high probable trade setup (two red arrows in the TradoMeter and Nominator aligned to the downside) and I traded for 2 points and got filled easy. As it panned out, a new trend started but I did not want to trade against the current uptrend and took the short-term trade rather than the NLT-Trend trade, which would take profits at the NLT-Price-Gravitation-Lines. We now could have ended out trading day with 2.75 points or a 9.2% return.

At 10:16 a.m. ET, the next setup to the downside occurred: Two red arrows on an NLT-Light Tower Candle and I traded to the downside again at a market speed of 2.2 points and got filled at 2 points.

After that, I was done trading and harvested 4.75 points instead of the planned 1.5, making a 16% return on capital invested.

For people who want to trade with very low risk, the 10:16 a.m. ET, NLT-Light-Tower-Candle would be the ideal trade and with one trade a return of 2 points or 6.8% return on capital invested, would have been achieved.

The 15 minute chart had a market speed of 6.8-S&P-Points/15-Minutes and was outside my risk tolerance, so I did not trade it, the same counts for the 1 hour chart with a market speed of 7.8-Points/1-Hour.

The red lines on the price chart are stop lines and I put my stop 2 ticks outside the red line.

We encourage every day trader to also consider Wealth Building. With small returns on highly secure trade setups allot is possible. See the following table:

Our Wealth Building Program focuses on high probability and high security trade setups: Capital preservation with potential trade adjustments are the key goal. The table highlights an average attainment of weekly 2% to 2.5% returns with constant reinvestments, compounding interest. The year over year account balance assumes only a 2:1 margin.

We hope that you now see the power of compounding interest with high likely trade setups, worked out and taught by NeverLossTrading.

To learn how to trade the NeverLossTrading way, please

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Financial Market Investments: Stocks, Bonds, Options, Futures, Forex

Why do people invest: to make a return  – some to spare time, but we consider that pleasure.

The best investment opportunities, aren’t they where you know you can recoup your investment at ease, by a legal system in place that protects you, a market that allows you to exit and investment without losing it all. We can never control the outcome of an investment, but can make certain what will happen in the event of an emergency exit.

The best investments are where you know what you are doing, then returns can be achieved through know how.

Another aspect to share: “the best investments are where you do not need a lot of people to make them happen and still reap the benefits.”
Financial markets are a wonderful investment opportunity, if you understand the rules and regulation and the dynamics of how they work.


–          You need no clients, no collection, no organization, no technology… and still you can make fantastic returns.

–          You can leverage your investment up to 1:100 without asking a bank for financing.

–          You can be a real estate investor and never build a house, a car maker without any factories, a school faculty without students….

You can decide to be something different every day without justification and explanation to anybody.

Financial market investments allow you to make decisions from the comfort of your home without convincing bosses or supervisory boards. NO more pleasing others and listen to their stories you never cared about – it is you to decide and live as an independent financial market investor.

Come on board, learn NeverLossTrading and invest in 3 days to financial freedom. ,

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Stock Markets: Are We Getting Into A Downtrend?

We are facing a time of an growing economy and continues high unemployment rates. There are many indicators speaking for a longer term growth with sharp market corrections. See our arguments.

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Stock Market Education: Is Day Trading More Risky?

Day trading is commonly known as being more risky than the traditional buy and hold strategy. We just give you a brief introduction where our days the most money is made and you decide for yourself if this should be a skill to learn or not.

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