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Why to learn Trading and Investing (free eBook)

We are ready for Thanksgiving and want to thank you for your interest in what we share and provide.

To help your trading and investing endeavors, please accept our free eBook:

“Learn Trading & Investing”

A step-by-step approach you can follow, focusing on all types of accounts, particularly on your wants and needs.  

It is a free download; no sign up required.

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How to Best Day Trade

Right from our research desk:

How to set yourself apart as a day trader: Apply a high probability trading concept focusing on predefined price ranges instead of trading time-based.

Watch the video…click

Download the write-up…click

After watching the video and reading the concept:

Can you put intraday price-range-trading in motion on your own, or do you want to apply a market-proven concept?

Aside from day trading, we offer a wide variety of concepts, suited to all trading styles, wants, and needs.

We work one-on-one, and tailor our concepts to your situation, teaching at your preferred days and times: all indicators and chart setups will be programmed for you.

If this is for you, contact us for a personal consulting hour:

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Short-Term Trading Concept Continued

We just introduced a short-term trading concept with the E-Mini S&P Futures and the E-Micro S&P Futures: Read it with the following link…click.

We have an environment where nine of the twelve federal reserve banks announced to buy stocks.

They sure operate in cycles and buy when it is favorable.

Our indicators paint those cycles on the chart for you to follow:

S&P Micro Futures Contract 20-Minute Chart,  March 24 – Early March 25, 2020

What would it do to your trading, if you were able to spot and follow those market swings:

With our concept, we only buy or sell when the spelled out price threshold is surpassed in the next candle, and we trade for a maximum price move of 2-SPU’s (Speed Units). You find the trading distance market on the chart an in the top left corner of the chart.

This concept surely works on other time frames.

Following the NeverLossTrading concept, all trades shall follow pre-defined rules and be based on high probability indications: ≥ 65%. In addition, we want to trade with limited risk and balance the risk with on the basis of your account holdings.

You also find a short video integrated, explaining the details of the trade and the concept we follow.

For adding what we share today into your knowledge and skillset, schedule your personal consulting hour:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

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We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

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What it takes to be a Trader or Investor

If you want to know what is needed to turn you into the trader or investor you want to be, listen well and read the following documentation.

At times, we play a high probability game, where we let people bet on a draw of marbles from a bag. In a bag of 20 marbles and we put marble back after the draw, keeping the same ratio:

  • 13 green marbles that win.
  • 7 red marbles that lose.

Thus, you have a high chance of winning; however, watch the video or read on to experience what happened in reality.

Bag of Marbles Intro

The shocking results:

Starting out with a paper money account, after 20 games, 60% of the people had less money than they started out with; 30% in average even went broke.

Statistically, how many people should have made more money than they started out with?

To answer this, we rely on the Bernoulli-Experiment, which gives us after 20 draws an expectation that 87.8% of the participants, using a 65%-probability to win, should have made more money than they started out with.

Why did this not happen?

Making money requires risk management (appropriate risk per trade), money management (position sizing) and more. If you do not have those skills in your repertoire, you most probably end up not having a chance to produce the returns that you expect.

However, the financial markets do not offer you easy and equal opportunities. The pros are prepared to take your money.

When you trade or invest, the ones who accept your trade are prepared to win; minimizing your chances for positive results. Institutions dominate the game and when you want to enter into a professional business, you better be prepared.

This is where we can help you to turn yourself into the trader or investor you want to be.

We provide you with high probability trading systems: ≥65% likelihood to project strong directional price moves, with the required training and coaching to let you act as mechanical as possible, playing par-to-par with the pros, with the odds in your favor.

Let us pull up a chart and see if you would be able to follow those signals:

E-Mini S&P 500 Futures, February 2, 2018, 20-Minute Chart

ES 20 Minute Chart for February 2, 2018

One of our key slogans is: Let the chart tell when to buy or sell!

Do you use a system and does it provide you with the same (clear cut entries, exits, and stops)?

When you learn to trade and invest the NeverLossTrading way, you get this:

  • Follow high probability trade setups to the up and downside, with pre-defined entries, exits, and stops or price adjustment levels.
  • Learn one-on-one at your best available days and times.
  • Apply a business plan for trading success:
    • Financial plan: Expected return based on the number of trades or investments per time-unit.
    • Action plan: How to prepare for your trades to conveniently even act when conditions are met; without the need of being in front of your computer at entry or exit.
  • Getting all signals, scanners and more installed into a free real-time database.
  • Make risk management and money management a daily action, preventing drawdowns and appropriate risk acceptance.
  • Apply multiple trading strategies based on the actual setup…and more (see below).

Does that only work for day trading?

Absolutely not: Our systems identify price move potentials at:

  • Pre-stages of a price move.
  • Initiation stages.
  • Continuation stages.

AAPL Swing Trading NeverLossTrading Top-Line Chart, January 1 to February 2, 2018

AAPL January 1 - February 2, 2018

However, the system alone does not necessarily get you to where you want to be, and this is where we help you, with one-on-one training and coaching.

We hope you see now that many gears have to cut into each other to give you the chance to take money from the financial market’s long-term.

In a short summary: Answer for yourself if you already have everything in place, starting with a high probability trading system: Probability to predict future price moves with a higher than 65% likelihood, considering the following:

Overview of what it takes to be a Trader or Investor

System and Trading Strategies

Now that you see what it takes, the question is: Are you able to create this on your own or do you rather trust into a primer education provider (we are in business since 2008), who can help you to shorten your fairway to success: It took us more than 10,000 hours and more than 30 years of experience in putting it all together.

In case you do rather want to buy and hold positions, we can help you too. Take a look at the following chart:

AMZN NeverLossTrading Long-Term Investor Chart June 2015 to February 2018

AMZN Long-Term Investor Chart 2015 to 2018 (January)

If you like to learn how to act on clearly spelled out directional price move opportunities, take our offer and experience how our systems work live. Get a free demonstration:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

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We are looking forward to hearing back from you,
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Trading and Investing in 2018

Read on and watch the movie…click

Question Mark on 2018 Intro

Do you have a system that tells you where prices move?

Let the chart tell when to buy or sell.

Can you make money, when the market goes sideways?

Are you prepared to make gains if the market goes down?

HAL Daily NLT Top-Line Chart

HAL NLT Top-Line December 2017

Trade condition to:

  • The next candle on the chart hast to surpass the set price threshold for us to enter long or short.
  • Target-1 and target-2 are spelled out on the chart; expecting an 85% likelihood that the price development, halters, retraces, or reverses after target-2.
  • Knowing the maximum time in the trade at entry.
  • Applying specific options strategies so you can leverage your investments and short from IRA or other cash accounts.

Does this only work for daily charts?

Our systems work on all time-frames, tick-charts, range-bars.

E-Mini-S&P 500 Futures 1-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart for December 7, 2017

ES December 7, 1-Hour Chart

E-Mini-S&P 500 Futures 30-Minute NLT Top-Line Chart for December 11/12, 2017

ES NLT Top-Line December 11, 12, 2017

You use the lower red line when trailing your stop.

With the help of our trading systems, training, and coaching, you experience:

  1. How high probability trade setups can be found based on the underlying pre-stage of a price move.
  2. The importance of projecting at entry how far the price move shall reach and where to put a key action stop, to stay out of the natural volatility of an asset – combining the two for trading with the odds in your favor?
  3. To apply multiple trading strategies for hedging and leveraging positions.
  4. The power of position sizing, considering the strength of your trade setup by a minimum and maximum risk assessment.
  5. Having and operating with a business plan for trading success: Financial Plan (what to expect) and Action Plan (how to act).

If you want to learn how to integrate this and more into your trading and investing, arrange for a free consultation hour:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

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We are looking forward to hearing back from you,


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Trade Futures at their Prices Moves

Successful traders only put their money only at risk when the odds are in their favor.

Key question: How do they know?

Rule Based Trading

Their system or systematic highlights a constellation that leads with a high probability to a predictable price move: specific entry, exit, and stop condition.

The probability of the desired constellations shall be above 65% (based on past performance).

The exit shall happen twofold: price-based or time-based:

  • After a pre-specified price move to target or to the stop is concluded.
  • After a specific number of bars/candles are surpassed (time-based).

With NLT Trend Catching, we put all those conditions in an easy to read vector graphic on the chart for you, evaluating every situation to be either favorable, acceptable or risky (no trade).

Let us give you an example…click and watch the video.

S&P Emini Futures Trading Opportunities September 28 – October 3, 2017

Range Bar ES October 3, 2017 2

For more details: +1 866 455 4520 or

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High Probability Trade Setups with

We want to welcome you to the world of algorithmic trading. is our introductory system to spotting and following institutional money moves on price continuation patterns.

The chart spells out directional price changes by a two-candle-color-sequence:

  • Blue for upside price moves opportunities.
  • Red for downside price move opportunities.

To best demonstrate how this works, we put together a short video, where you see the basic principles and multiple chart opportunities. The system works for all time frames and all asset classes: Stocks, Options, Futures, FOREX.

If you are not already signed up for our Free trading tips, webinars, and reports…sign up here.

For watching the video…click.


If you like to learn more about our Trading Systems:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or 

We are happy to give you a personal demonstration and we are looking forward to hearing back from you.

Don’t forget to sign up for our Free trading tips, webinars, and reports.

In support of your trading performance, 

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Free Webinar: High Probability Trade Setups

You are Invited to Experience: High Probability Trade Setups

Thursday, January 26, 2017 4:30 PM EST

Click here to register…click.

There are repetitive happenings based on changes in supply and demand that you can spot and follow. With the help of our algorithms and vector graphics, we make those visible for you and you can follow the resulting price moves with multiple trading strategies: as a day trader, swing trader, and long-term investor.

High Probability Trading Intro Picture.png

High probability means for us: When you back test 100 trades, your system shall produce >65 winners, by following specifically spelled out conditions.

Repetitive Happenings

Price changes have an underlying measurable pre-phase and continuation phase. Our algorithms highlight those happenings and you learn to follow them with clear cut and pre-defined Entries, Exits, Stop or Trade Adjustment levels.

Expect to be in a directional trade for 1-5, maximum 10-bars: Surely, our systems work on very short-term, 1-hour-, 2-hour, 4-hour, daily and weekly charts.

Our mathematical models are based on the real life happening where institutional leaders trigger a change in supply or demand and we trade when other market participants follow the action, with the aim to close the trade at a pre-defined price point.

Algorithmic trading methods, prior only available for the big banks, are now available for you.

NLT Top-Line Chart for the S&P E-Mini Futures✽ (with special offer)


✽Trade initiation when the spelled out price threshold is surpassed: Target at the set dot or horizontal lines, marked as Exit.

Join our presentation and experience more examples of how we can help you to spot and follow institutional money moves with the help of our algorithms and vector graphics.

Click here to register…click.Click here to register…click.

This webinar will be presented by:

Thomas Barmann from NeverLoss Trading

Even if you cannot attend, we welcome you to visit and sign up for a FREE Consulting Hour.

Please Email: or Call +1.866.455.4520 if you have any questions prior to the event. We look forward to seeing you ALL there Thursday afternoon at Online Trader Central!

Develop yourself into the trader you want to be, utilizing high performance trading systems, investing/trading education, and alerts.

❋  Sign up for our FREE Trading Tips, Webinars and Reports!  ❋

Thomas F. Barmann
– Owner and Inventor of NeverLossTrading® and, Author of the Book: “MY STOCK MARKET INCOME” and “YOUR TRADING CAREER AS A PRIVATE INVESTOR”

His first introduction to trading came when he was 22 years old (30+ years ago). Over the years, he acquired a wealth of knowledge, how private investors can make money in the markets by focusing on constant income. He acts by taking advantage of spotting and trading institutional price moves, minimizing risk and compounding interest. His aim is to make the world a better place by sharing knowledge and giving education. A very small group of people keeps the knowledge how to trade the financial markets and those who enter, without being well prepared are most welcome, because they have a very low likelihood to leave with their money. Make a change and make money in the markets by spotting and following institutional money moves.

Listen to my live interview:

NeverLossTrading® and are easy to follow, market proven trading and investing concepts. For details, you may:

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Limit Your Risk and Achieve Steady Results in Trading

If trading was easy, nobody would ever go to work.

However, it can be learned when you are willing to follow clear cut success principles.

Read in the following how you can limit your risk and strive for steady results with an activity based trading system that helps you to spot and follow institutional money moves:

As a trader or investor, you are striving to achieve above market returns on your investments, else you could just hand over the responsibility and action to somebody else: Your broker e.g.

However, it looks like you decided to control your own financial destiny and we congratulate you for this decision:

If you don’t care about your own money, nobody else will.

With whatever instrument you choose to base your trading or investing decisions on, you are making an assumption for the potential outcome, while what you control the most, is the risk you are accepting per trade.

How to gauge the risk and thus achieve better results?

Assets have a natural volatility price development, which you better consider when trading directional. We help you as a trader to know where to act with your initial stop and how to potentially trail the stop on a price move: the red line on the chart signifies the stop level. It is on the bottom of the blue frame price development and on the top of a red framed price development.

NLT Income Generating Chart for /ES 10 Minutes on September 15, 2016


Directional entry points are highlighted through a Buy or Sell signal. By following our system, you only trade when the high of a buy signal or low of a sell signal is surpassed in the price development of the next candle. This way, you assure that other traders or investors follow through on the new price direction found.

The target for the trade is highlighted by a red line and thus allows you to predefine your exit; however, you can also trail your exit with the red line of the blue- or red frames of the price move.

If you followed the system in the chart above, you produced five winning trades in the observed overnight session for the E-Mini S&P 500 futures.

Trade What You See: Let the chart tell, when to buy or sell.

NLT Daily Wealth Building Chart for GLD, August 15 to September 16, 2016


The chart for GLD (Gold ETF) shows you three solid entries that came to target. At the buy signal, the price quickly jumped up and you will learn in our mentorship how to best act on such situation.

Imagine you learned how to trade those signals with stock options, limiting your risk in the trade and leveraging your potential outcome. In the highlighted trade situations, you were striving for an average of a 75% return on investment, investing less than 1% of the share price for trading options.

You learn all this in our mentorships:

Ask us for our election special for NLT Wealth Building and Income Generating,

By teaching one-on-one, capacities are limited, so do not miss out.

If you feel this is for you, ask for a live demonstration:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

In case you are not yet signed up for our FREE Trading Tips, Reports, and Webinars… click. 

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Who is the better President for the Stock Market?

Tickety, tickety, tock, time is clicking off the clock and America is going to vote for the next President. Based on the poll numbers, this is going to be a close race.

In the spirit of this election cycle, we thought it would be a good time to clear up a question that comes up at every presidential election:

Who is better for the stock market?

Watch this publication as a video presentation…

Chart-1: Stock Market Development based on NLT-Top-Line 2007 – 2016


Our answer is and always will be: It does not matter!

When you are a prepared trader or investor:

  • You are following a system of pre-indicators, telling you when a price move is likely to happen: blue frames up, red frames down.
  • You operate with strategies that produce income if the markets go up or down.
  • You can combine longer-term and shorter-term trading strategies.

If this is not the case for you, read on and consider how being trained and prepared can make a difference for you.

Trade What You See: Let the chat tell, when to buy or sell!

Operate with:

Clearly defined entries, exits, and stop or trade adjustment levels.

Follow the pattern of the natural transaction cycle:

Chart-2: AAPL Daily Chart, June 22 – August 16, 2016


Institutional investments dominate 95% of all financial market transactions for stocks, options, futures, currencies.

By the sheer size and the interaction pattern of institutional leaders, gate keepers, and followers; our algorithms paint early price move potentials on your chart, so you can spot and follow institutional money moves:

  • Entering when they happen.
  • Exiting before they end.

Let us get you some examples and if you feel those can make a difference for your trading, ask us for a live demonstration, where you call the symbols and times and we jointly count good and bad trades:

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or

By measuring and orienting at the underlying structure of the financial markets, our indicators are able to produce high probability directional chart setups for you that work on all time frames and for all asset classes: stocks, options, futures, currencies.

Our first example is a swing trading example:

Chart-3: BIDU Daily Chart, August 2 – September 16, 2016

Following our system, you trade when a specific spelled out price threshold is surpassed in the next candle: Buy > 168.24 e.g. This way, you can operate with Buy-Stop or Sell-Stop orders and pre-program your trade entry without the need for being in front of your screen.

In our mentorship program, you also learn how to participate in those trades with simple option strategies, requiring you only a fraction of the share cost: 1-3%, and letting you participate in price moves to the up- or downside with a limited risk and a potential leverage.

To support your trading in and out of the election cycle, ask us for our election special on:

  • NLT Top-Line Light.
  • NLT Wealth Building and Income Generating.

By teaching one-on-one, we will work with you at your best available times and focus on your specific wants and needs as a trader or investor.

Every training session will be recorded, allowing you to go through the learned on any of your mobile devices.

Chart-4: S&P E-Mini Futures Hourly Chart, September 12 – September 15, 2016


Chart-4 shows you five potential trade situations, highlighted by the system. When you traded them mechanically, you achieved four winners and one loser: 80%-success rate; however, you will also learn that some trade situations spelled out on the low are not a good place to trade at.

Your trade rules are simple:

  • Trade, when the next candle surpasses the spelled out price threshold.
  • On red and blue signals, trade to the target dot or for five same-color-candles.
  • On orange signals, trade either to the next horizontal line or for a maximum of 10-bars.
  • If you like to trail your stop, trail with the red line of the box that is framing the price move: Expect a change in price momentum, when the red line is reached.

There is sure more to learn and we teach you in one-on-one sessions, focusing on your wants and needs as a day trader, swing trader, long-term investor or in applying a combination of multiple time-based strategies; helping you to build a business plan for your trading success: financial plan and action plan. Setup a live demonstration:

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or

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