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Invitation to the upcoming Traders and Investors Summit

You are invited to join a club of unique individuals who know what will happen next in the stocks market – and your invitation is for FREE!

Learn how to conquer and take your share from the markets.

Sign up for this unique opportunity… click.

This is a club of unique individuals who know what is going to happen next in the stock market.

It’s not just stocks, but bonds, commodities, energy, precious metals, foreign exchange, and real estate as well.

No, this is not some ivory tower analysis of the state of the world. This is a rare gathering of professionals that will inform you how to make money in the markets TODAY!

Simply register for the Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit starting on Tuesday, December 1st at 8:45 AM EST sharp.

Take advantage of this opportunity to tap 27 of the most brilliant minds in the investment world today. It is a who’s who that will knock your socks off (see below).

Pick up a few of the tips they are offering, and suddenly planning your financial future will graduate from a tedious chore to an enjoyable pastime.

To do so, all you have to do is register for the December Mad Hedge Traders & Investors Summit starting on Tuesday, December 1st at 8:45 AM EST.

These are dedicated pros who can make money in any market conditions, including during a Covid-19 pandemic.

Listening to these speakers will give you the financial security you urgently need.

Best of all, attendance is FREE.

To sign up, please click here! 

Thank you!


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Invitation: Free Trading and Investing Webinar

Thomas Barmann from NeverLossTrading here…
I just have one quick question for you…

Do you know the one thing that’s holding your trading back?

93% of successful professional traders have said that without
learning the tools they needed from other traders…

They would have FAILED!

Let me provide you with a wealth of trading knowledge, we want to share.

On October 15th, I am taking part in a 4 speakers Trading Educator Forum.
It’s all online so you can join in from the comfort of your own home or office.

Different trading strategies will be shared. We for example demonstrate how to short-term and long term trade, rule-based in times of high volatility.

It’s also 100% Free, and recorded so make sure you click the link below to
attend (or if you can’t make it) add this amazing event to your personal trading library.

Join me, and let’s take our trading to the next level.
Link is not working yet: sorry… will take a moment to repair!
Click Here to instantly register for
By clicking this link you will automatically be registered to attend the event!

For questions: 

Call +1 866 455 4520 or 

Best regards, 

Thomas Barmann

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Trading and Point of Reference

A correlation measures the strength of a relationship between two quantitative variables, expressed in three results:

  • Correlation (the higher, the stronger)
  • No correlation (independent happenings)
  • Opposite correlation (one happening or variable is counter the happening of the other).

The European financial markets forerun the US market by six hours; hence, we like to spot over the pond for the happening. The strongest correlation we found is between the DAX (German stock market index) and the S&P 500. See why

DAX (red-blue) and S&P 500 Six Months Daily Compared

DAX and S&P 500 Development Compared

Even so, the market composition is different; the two indexes develop in a tight relationship.

In NLT Top-Line, we measure the correlation of the price development of assets to the overall market and found that independent happening or uncorrelated price moves often lead to strong results.

The following chart is showing ZM, Zoom video on a weekly NLT Top-Line chart, and we highlight a signal combination that is prone for a strong price breakout:

  • Blue buy signal on the price chart: Buy > $295.97
  • Purple highlighted volume, an indication for a pre-stage of a breakout
  • NLT comparison signal: Up 295.97, showing that the stock is developing stronger than the market.
  • Stock independent and not correlated to the stock market

ZM on Weekly NLT Top-Line Chart, July – September 20202

This is how you have multiple measures to decide when a trade constellation is on the chart that deserves special attention. Here a short video explaining how to find those opportunites…click.

Those rules are learnable and documented for you. We spend 20-hours of individual training, teaching you those and appropriate risk limited strategies for going to market, and we work with you in a three-month mentorship, reinforcing that the rule we teach stick with you. For more information, we invite you to a personal consulting hour, with no obligation:

+1 866 455 4520 or

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Longer-Term Trading and Investing

Today, we want to put longer-term trading and Investing in the focus.

  1. Producing consistent income from trading and investing is a process, and we provide systems, strategies, and a game plan that can help you with any account: 401(k), IRA, Cash, Margin.
  2. Instead of writing you an extended outline, I figured it would be best to SHOW YOU in a short video (<12 minutes)…click.

We hope this catches your interest.

If yes: Let us get super interactive, and we meet with you in a one-on-one meeting online to test how it runs live. We want to have a content filled conversation with you, and such we want only to offer this to 10 individuals.

No, there is no charge, I just want to make sure it’s GOOD …and the only way that can happen is if you get personal attention. That’s why I only want ten individual conversations max.

Schedule your consulting hour:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

We are looking forward to hearing back from you,


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How Our Stock Predictions Worked Out

On May 4th, 2020, we published an article highlighting seven trading opportunities that pointed to the upside.

Had you invested along with our indications the following would have happened

  • AMZN, no trade, direction not confirmed
  • AAPL, a gain of 7.4% in three weeks
  • QQQ, gain of 5.4% when trading the stock.
  • ABBV, gain of 8.7% when trading the stock.
  • OKTA, gain of 21% when trading the stock.
  • CIEN, no trade, direction not confirmed.
  • GME: No trade, upside direction not confirmed.

Here is a link to the article: 2020 Growth Stocks by NeverLossTrading

Our Questions:

  • Did you achieve similar results?
  • Do you have a trade finder, providing you with those opportunities?

We take our directional indications from the NeverLossTrading Alerts.

The basis of our directional price indications are algorithms that measure underlying changes in supply and demand. At each signal, we spell out a price threshold and only trade when this price threshold is surpassed in the next candle. This was the case for AAPL, QQQ, ABBV, OKTA, but not for AMZN, CIEN, GME.

Aside from finding trading opportunities, do you operate rule-based, or is success rather a random component in your trading?

We are in the trading and investing education business for more than ten years, helping clients to operate with a system, apply appropriate strategies, manage risk, repair trades, hedge positions, and more.

If you want to be part of this, schedule your personal consultation hour and let us know what you want to achieve to provide you a tailor-made program.

In our years of educating, we did not work with two traders who received the same program.


Risk tolerance, affinity to instruments, time for trading, and many more variables require one-on-one teaching and education for being able to follow a business plan to trading success.

If this is for you:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

Subscribe to our free trading tips, reports, and webinars.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you,


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Quantitative Analysis for Trading and Investing

With the help of quantitative analysis, mathematical models can be built for evaluating underlying changes in supply and demand, extrapolating high probability price move signals for you.

We want to provide you an intro into the world of quantitative analysis by a free eBook, where we measure the influence of success factors on the return on capital (ROC) achievable.

Take our offer and download your free 22-pages eBook.

We share in this article how to consider multidimensional decision-making models for finding and executing financial decisions with stocks, options, futures, FOREX, and share in some examples how trading and investing decisions can be provided for you.

For getting those key determining success factors into your knowledge and skillset, schedule your personal consulting hour:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

We offer multiple systems and will find out what suits you best. By working one-on-one, spots are extremely limited.

Subscribe to our free trading tips, reports, and webinars.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.


A division of Nobel Living, LLC

401 E. Las Olas Blvd., Suite 1400

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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Why Most Traders Fail

To help traders worldwide to perform in the financial markets, we just held a presentation on the key pitfalls for trading/investing and how to get around those.

For those of you, who were not able to participate in our presentation, we now put a written concept together, highlighting the key takeaways: rule-based trading and investing and how to follow pre-defined action steps…

Download your copy of Why Most Traders Fail and how to prevent this….click.

For helping you to shorten your fairway to success, we would like to extend a personal consulting hour to you. 

Teaching one-on-one, spots are limited, so do not miss out!

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

Subscribe to our free trading tips, reports, and webinars…sign up here.

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New Book: Integrated Trading and Investing System

We want to invite you into the world of rule based trading and put together a guideline to algorithmic based trading and investing.

Regardless if you want to trade for a living, manage your retirement accounts, build wealth, you need a solid knowledge base to enjoy financial market success.

This book describes the fundamentals needed to trade today’s markets, regardless if you favor stocks, options, futures, or FOREX and if the markets go up, down or move sideways. There is a certain amount of complexity to consider when operating in the financial markets; else, it would be easy to make money, and we want to help you with a concept to de-complex the happening. In many detailed examples and graphics, you will be supported for establishing what is needed to participate in the financial markets our days.

The physical and kindle formatted book is available at Amazon…click.

Learn the concepts and decide if you want to establish them on your own or trust into a market-proven system and concept

It will be eye-opening for you regardless of the stage of a trader or investor you are: You will learn in 16 chapters how to select the right assets by specified setups, position size, define your entries, exits, stops, stay engaged, and strive for continuous returns.

As a purchaser of this book, you are welcome to join our NeverLossTrading community (we are ten years in business) and getting the price of this book discounted from an educational contract or on a subscription to our NLT Alerts.     

Successful traders or investors follow a system, where multiple components are working in their favor. System integration is defined as the process of bringing together component subsystems into one system; ensuring that the subsystems function together as one system. Let us give you a short overview in a graphic, and you will find references to the sub-system in the continuation of the book:

Graphic: Sub-Systems and System Integration

Learn the concepts and decide if you want to establish them on your own or trust into a market-proven system and concept. Link to Amazon…click.

In summary: an integrated trading system includes and considers all components needed for successful trading/investing and helps you to act on clearly defined rules. As mechanical as possible: giving you at pre-defined chart setups the entries, exits, and stops; allowing you to evaluate every trade situation to decide if you accept a trade based on your set conditions or not.

Connecting you with a real-trading-world of today, we introduce you to the principles, methods, and strategies of Spotting and Following Institutional Money Moves by applying Activity-Based Algorithmic Trading and Investing Techniques.

Trading/Investing is a professional business; professionals are prepared.

With this book, we give you a comprehensive overview and systematic to follow to prepare for your future trading and investing endeavors.

To demonstrate what we express, please find a multitude of graphics contained.

We want to invite you to establish key principles and being prepared to reach the behavior, attitude, and systematics of a successful market investor.

For helping you to shorten your fairway to success, we would like to extend a special offer to you: Schedule a personal consulting hour, where you can call the symbols and time frames, and we jointly add up the good and bad trades. 

Teaching one-on-one, spots are limited, so do not miss out!

Call +1 866 455 4520 or

We are looking forward to hearing back from you.

Subscribe to our free trading tips, reports, and webinars…sign up here.

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Trading In 2019 Like The Pros

Join me along with other guest speakers on a LIVE webinar hosted by Traders Talk Live on Wednesday March 20, 2019. The webinar starts at 10:45 AM to 1:45 PM Eastern/New York Time.

What is Traders Talk Live?

Traders Talk Live is a platform for beginners and advanced traders to learn about trading strategies, tips, and more. It’s a multi-speaker webinar event comprised of some of the most accomplished traders in the business. They will be sharing amazing information about trading that you don’t want to miss.

And the best part IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE to attend!

Register Now

To contact us:

Call +1 866 455 4520 or 

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Stock Trading and Investing Webinar

Stocks and their options offer wonderful trading and investing opportunities. Learn how to realize those in a one hour webinar.

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