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Invitation to Trading Reality

Are you seeking trading success?

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Homerun Trading

The success principles of trading can be compared to professional sports: Success comes from skill and practice.

  • When stepping onto the plate, I am prepared to swing, wait for the right moment and trade.
  • On each opportunity, I am prepared to make short-term good profits, administering tight stops, and when the market allows, I am aiming for the fences.


  • Bring the odds on your favor; take hits in accordance to defined system entries.
  • Fill the bases: Scale in and out of positions to capitalize on home run possibilities.
  • Accept losses as part of trading, knowing the next trade will come from your system.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing without distraction.

If you have all this already in place, there is no need to read further; however, if you want to improve your trading and investing skills to let the markets pay you, read on.

NeverLossTrading developed systems that help you to spot and follow institutional money moves. Our in-house developed algorithms help traders to decide right from the chart. All our indicators are based on the natural happening of supply and demand. We offer you fractal based models that work for all time frames and all asset classes: Stocks, options, futures, FOREX.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are in the education business since 2008; focused on your wants and needs, teaching and coaching one-on-one at your best available days and times.

Our mentorships start with (our introductory system), where two-same-color candles define a trade setup (highlighted in orange boxes) and you only trade if the high of a blue-candle-sequence or the low of a red-candle-sequence is surpassed by the next candle.

FB 2-Hour Chart


The chart shows you three confirmed trade situations that all lead to a positive outcome when you followed the entry- and exit rules with teach in a four hour one-on-one mentorship.

Surely, we also support you by handing you a detailed tutorial, which explains the indicators, trade setups and various trade strategies. Each of your teaching sessions will be recorded, so you can repeat the learned until it sits and you can swing when the chart gives you the right trade situations. Focusing on you to learn how to trade, we install all software and chart setups for you on a free trading platform that provides you real-time data access with no annual fees; allowing you to trade what you see by keeping your broker relationship without additional costs.

If this strikes your interest, we are happy to invite you to a personal demonstration:

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Adding more indicators and the convenience to read the desired price threshold right off the chart, NLT Top-Line offers a 20-hour mentorship, own scanners, watch list indicators and a lot more. This is what you see on the chart:

E-Mini Dow Futures 2-Hour NLT Top-Line Chart, December 1-5, 2016

DOW 2-Hour Chart December 5, 2016.png

The chart above highlighted the most actual trade situations, capturing major price turning points by spelling out price thresholds: Buy>$19,170 for example. This way, you can operate with buy-stop orders and you only enter a trade when the set price threshold is surpassed in the price development of the next candle.

Your trading career as a full-time or part-time trader has to be prepared: Those who fail to prepare, prepare to fail. We published in a short book: “Your Trading Career as a Private Investor” key action steps, you might want to consider: A less than $3 investment that can help you a lot.

In each of our mentorships, we help you to define a business plan for your trading success, which includes a financial plan (what to expect) and an action plan (what to do, how, and when).

To assure the learned sticks with you, you can send us your trades for feedback.

Consider to move ahead with your trading and investing and schedule your personal demonstration: Call +1 866 455 4520 or

What often happens Changes to be made How it can be done
Entering positions on news or assumptions.


Only trade on system defined situations with clearly spelled out entries and exits. Follow the NeverLossTrading instructions: Let the chart tell, when to buy or sell!
Constantly aiming for the fences (homeruns), instead of moving ahead trade by trade.


Take the opportunity, trail the stop, get out when the trade turns against you or adjust your trade to potentially turn losers into winners. Trading multiple lots at once, taking profits at 1-SPU, 2-SPU with a trailed stop. SPU is the NLT specific expected price move after institutional engagement.
Aggravation, frustration, distraction, when trades do not work: Loss of oversight. Stay focused, trade on indicators only. Never do a revenge trade. The market owes you nothing. Focus and concentrate on your trading plan: What to trade, when to trade, how to trade.
Taking every opportunity instead of letting those go by that are not promising to be a good hit. Checking the risk/reward-ratio and the probability of the setup, trading only when the odds are in your favor. Follow a business plan: financial plan and action plan. Position size according to your odds appraisal. We share those models with you in the mentorship.
Trying to do three things at once, not staying fully concentrated on trading. The batter has to clearly concentrate on the ball. The same accounts for trading. Following a pro-trader setup:  Analysis, risk management, administration, trade mechanics. All taught in our mentorships.

Consider to move ahead with your trading and investing and schedule your personal demonstration: Call +1 866 455 4520 or

Teaching one-on-one, spots are extremely limited.

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Day Trading the S&P E-Mini Futures

Successful traders have a system, which is portraying key price turning points that have a high probability to conclude in the desired direction and are repetitive. In addition, such setups need to have clearly defined entries (spelled out price thresholds), exits (dots) and stop levels (red lines on the chart).

Emini S&P Futures Trade on the 1-Hour Chart, July 27, 2015

Emini S&P Chart July 27

This morning, the S&P 500 Emini Futures started the European session in a Purple Zone, signifying ambiguity: Institutional investors are not clear about the trade direction. As a result, we stay out of trades, even so signals might occur; until the Purple Zone ends in a directional price move signal:
The Purple Sell> $2068.75 occurred in the 6 a.m. candle and got confirmed in the 7 a.m. candle, leading to a short trade, producing a 3-point gain.
Simultaneous, an NLT Swing Point signal was painted, pointing in the same direction (double confirmation).
The minimum target for this trade was $2065.50 and it was reached in the 7 a.m. candle.
At the 8 a.m. candle another Swing point signal that was confirmed and came to target at $2060.75, giving you a 3.5-gain.
At times we get asked, why we offer multiple systems: To increase your participation rate.
On the above chart, we show a favored combination: NLT Top-Line and NLT Swing Point. 
What you see is activity based trading chart, following institutional money moves.

We teach you how you can spot and follow those trades on your own charts:

All mentorships are individually taught and focused on turning you into the trader you want to be.
To experience how NeverLossTrading works live, do not hesitate to schedule your personal consulting hour:
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We are looking forward to hearing back from you:


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Budget Your Trading Success

Formulate your goals and it is easier to reach them.

A Budget is an estimation of income and expenses over a specified future period of time.

Do you have a budget in place as a trader or private investor, giving you a set of goals compromised by a financial plan and action plan, formulating:

A)   The reasons your goals are believed to be attainable:

85% of all financial markets are dominated by institutional investors. Learn how to spot and follow institutional money moves right from your chart: Our software is painting the pictured for you.

NLFX Top Line Chart

B)   Action steps to be taken for reaching those goals:

Learn to trade at key reference time frames, with focus assets, where it is easier to only trade when the odd are in your favor.

C)   Financial return on investment statement for specified time periods and resources needed to reach those goals:

How much can you or do you want to invest or risk in one trade? Get a feel for a potential return on risk and how a financial plan for your trading shall look like for different assets and time periods.

If you have all this in place, you are set and done, if this is not the case, you have two choices: Start from the scratch and build it all up on your own (took us 30 years and 30,000 hours) or experience budget planning as a pre-stage of the NeverLossTrading mentorships:

Together with you, we formulate trading/investing goals for you to strive for; showing you the implications of trading different instruments in relation to risk and potential return expectations.

“If you don’t know where to go, you might not get there”. 

To turn you into a successful trader, the following questions shall be answered:

  • What time-frames can I and do I want to trade
  •  Which instruments do I want to trade/Invest in?
  • How will I administer my trades (entries, exits) and strive for continues improvement?
  • What alternatives do I have; how to appraise those and chose the best fitting for me?

In trading, one size or style does not fit all: This is why we customize our mentorships and help you to find what suits you best:

  • Day Trading or Swing Trading
  • Stocks, Options, Futures or Forex
  • High frequent trading or high precision setups.
  • Beginner or advanced levels, while we always give you the chance to upgrade.

Those choices drastically influence your base of learning, your actions and your financial possibilities.

Experience, how it can all fit together for you: Schedule your personal consulting hour, aiming to find how NeverLossTrading mentorships are there for helping you to reach your personal and financial goals.

Call: +1 866 455 4520 or

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Good trading,


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Your Trading Needs a Business Plan

What is the difference between a trading plan and a business plan for trading?

  • A trading plan answers you what to do when, following a trading system.
  • A business plan for trading lets you calculate the financial implications, giving you a clear idea what you are aiming for with your set capital and your set trading style.

Unfortunately, most traders never calculate the financial implications of their doing and with this never get to their goals or achieve being independent as a trader.

Make a change and reach your goals:

A business plan is a formal statement of a set of business goals compromised by a financial plan and action plan. It shall contain:

  • The reasons your goals are believed to be attainable.
  • Action steps to be taken for reaching those goals.
  • Background information about the resources needed to reach those goals.
  • Financial return on investment statement for specified time periods.

Do you have such in place as a trader or private investor?

Mostly, this is not the case and so we are sharing the action steps and start out with the Financial Plan; based on the money, we then produce the required action plan.

How much money do you want to make trading/investing?

As much as possible is not the right answer:

“If you don’t know where to go, you might not get there”. 

To establish and follow a business plan all starts out by having a trading system, which gives you answers to the following questions.

  • What time-frames can I and do I want to trade?
  • Which instruments do I want to trade/Invest in?
  • How will I administer my trades (entries, exits) and strive for continues improvement?
  • What alternatives do I have; how to appraise those and chose the best fitting for me?

A good trading system helps you to find swing points with clearly defined entries and exits. NeverLossTrading has developed algorithms which record and report institutional money moves. When you spot one of those, you just follow the institutional action and you trade where the money flows.

Example: Crude Oil, 30-min. on NeverLossTrading IncomeGenerator (on a price promotion).

IncomeGenerator Crude Oil Example

With the help of multiple real-time indicators, trade situations are spelled out: Entries, stops, targets. Assume that you get at least two out of three trades right, what will be the financial result and how will this be, if you get three out of four- or even five out of six right?

Either put such calculation scheme together on your own, or contact us, a trusted trading education institution. Our aim is to help you to achieve your goals as day trader, swing traders or a combination of both. or call: +1 866 455 4520 (schedule a personal consultation hour).

Be certain: You are in need of a financial plan that fits your personal risk tolerance and produces a projected income statement, showing you the implications of trading various instruments: Stocks, Options, Futures, Forex-Pairs in various position sizes.

Many traders always trade the same lot-size. To be financially sound, you need to adjust your lot size with the help of an instrument that:

  • Evaluates the probability of a trade setup in relation to the risk to take.
  • Adjusts the lot size trade by trade, increasing when the odds are in your favor

Odds and Position Sizing

From there, you build your financial statement and this is how it can look like:

Business Planning Model

When you know where to go and you have the right system in place, you have a high probability to get there!

Learn to be a high probability trader: Make a difference to your trading: or call: +1 866 455 4520

Schedule a personal consultation hour, to find the system that suits your best.

If you are not yet part of our communication network, sign up for our free trading tips and reports: 

Good trading,


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FREE Presentation and Trade-With-Me Event

We are  excited to announce two online events, you do not want to miss out on:

March 18, 2014 at 6 p.m. ET, NeverLossTrading Trade-With-Me Event!

We share selected assets with institutional money moves and how to trade and protect them.

Participate: Send your symbols and we appraise them on multiple time frames:

Here is the registration link:

March 19, 2014 at 5 p.m. ET, Rande Howell from Traders State of Mind

Overcoming the Barriers to Your Success in Trading

Success in trading seems like it should be within your grasp. But, despite a strong understanding of the markets and the know-how of trading, that success stays elusive and keeps slipping through your fingers. What do real professional traders know that you don’t?

Both you and the accomplished trader have the same knowledge. The difference is his ability to act in the clutch when capital is at risk.

Do you want to learn how to produce peak performance under pressure? Then please join us for this free webinar.

Here is the registration link:

P.S. Just one more thing, even if you can’t make it to the event, go ahead and register. We’re giving everyone that signs up special video access to the recordings.

Hope to see you there!



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