Take Your Financial Future Into Your Own Hands !

NeverLossTrading stands for high probability trading. Our name derives from the principle of rather hedging a position than taking a stop-loss; however, Never Stop Loss Trading is a bit lengthy.

We developed and since 2008 share our algorithms and trading concepts to spot and follow institutional money moves.

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Emini S&P 500 NLT Top-Line Chart March 2016 2

We tried standard indicators before and tested them through continues cycles. There was a positive expectation with a 55% likelihood for predicting the future successfully; however, as a private investor you are exposed to commissions, timing issues, and many others; when you consider a standard deviation, your success is rather random. This is where we help you to make a difference by jointly aiming for a predictability above 65%.

There is a simple conclusion: a higher win rate growth your account; however, there is a lot to share why high predictability is so important.

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Our algorithmic based indicators report trade potentials as an “Alert-Service” or your  “Chart” , while you always stay the captain of your financial destiny by taking the final decision.

Take Control Of Your Financial Future!

Apply NeverLossTrading as a day trader or swing trader or long-term investor to:

  • Build your own wealth.
  • Achieve a comfortable and lasting retirement account.
  • Invest for your future dreams.
  • Make daily income.

We offer “Trade Alerts” and Mentorship Programs, geared towards the need of the individual Investor:

–          Independent, running own analysis on our software: NLT Top-Line.

–          Frequent trader, able to trade the markets every day: NLT HF-Stock-Trading.

–          Trading two times a week/month: NLT Wealth Building.

–          Day Trading Futures and Options: NLT HF-Day-Trading or NLT Income Generating.

–          Introductory Concepts for Day- and Swing Trading: TradeColors.com

We are not a broker or financial adviser, nor do we want to act like brokers and financial advisers. What we share with you are trading techniques, acquired by an ordinary person, to be shared with people of interest, who have or do not have financial or investment pre-education.

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Schedule for a personal consultation with no obligation: Call +1 866 455 4520 or contact@NeverLossTrading.com

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