The NeverLossTrading Concept

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We developed multiple indicators and studies, where each and every one has a positive trading expectation. Our program is built to replicate today’s fast moving markets, with high probability trade entries and exits. Click on the charts to magnify the trade situation:

Trading will be easy for you, trading red and trading blue:

  • Blue:                  Up-move, uptrend.
  • Red:                   Down-move, downtrend.
  • Purple Zone:      Indecision and setup for the next price-move.

Trade What You See: We Put it Right on the Chart for You!          (click on the chart to magnify)


Learn high probability trading: Join a NeverLossTrading mentorship program:

Overlaying multiple NeverLossTrading indicators lets us produce high probability trade entries and exits. Click on the chart to magnify!


By our observations, big money price-moves usually follow four stages:      Click on the chart to magnify!


Following the stream of big money allows for high probability trading: We teach you how to apply trading strategies and instruments for various price-/volume-/volatility patterns. Our advantage over the big money is speed: We can enter and exit positions much faster.

At any stage of the price development, we are measuring the SPU (Speed Unit): The expected price move per time unit. With the help of this measure and by considering NLT Price-Gravitation-Lines, (statistical and history based price accumulation points), entry and exit targets are set and followed through.

Depending on the timer frame, you desire to trade: Multiple times a month, week, day, we provide you with the adequate trading strategy, preferred set of securities, trading methods, training, and documentation.

Each of the NeverLossTrading mentorship programs includes a software set, which runs on a free trading platform. This puts you in the position to follow the footprint of the big money, by looking at the same charts we are looking at. Combined with a specific trading plan, we educate you in three days how to trade with NeverLossTrading and support you for another 3/6 month, with training and education. After the mentorship, you can join NeverLossTrading as a member, for continues feedback, education, coaching.

Putting it all together:

We developed a high probability-trading plan and coach you to successfully apply it in the financial markets.

We currently offer four mentorship program

1.     NeverLossTrading Top-Line Program

For the independent financial market investor. The program includes market scanners, compares price situation to the historic price development. Correlates shares with the overall market and triggers high probability trade entries right on the price chart. Click on the chart to magnify!


2.     NeverLossTrading High-Frequency Stock Trading

A program that allows to follow and favorable trade the high frequency markets. We focus on a specific set of stocks, which provide higher returns based on their relative price moves. To support our traders, we provide multiple times a week, reports which identify stocks, ready for a price move. Click on the chart to magnify!


3.     NeverLossTrading Wealth Builder Program (click on the chart to magnify)


On the base of lower and upper studies, we identify:

  • A)     Who is in command: Buyers or Sellers?
  • B)      What is the market momentum: Up or down?
  • C)      What is the overall trend: up, down, sideways.

Combining the readings of our indicators and studies, we find high probable trade entries. Focus of this program is a set of shares we call Wealth Builders. They all provide tight bid/ask spreads for stock and their options. In addition, we train and teach you how to trade other financial markets: Currencies, Treasuries, Commodities, and Stock Market Indexes. Letting you follow the market with appropriate instruments, which let you profit from up-, down or sideways moves.

4.     NeverLossTrading Income Generating Program (click on the chart to magnify)


This mentorship program is geared towards the day trader. We provide the software and trading plan to trade Futures and Options of:

  • A)     Stock market Indexes
  • B)      Industry Sectors
  • C)      Commodities
  • D)     Treasuries

With multiple trading plans, we provide high probable trade entries and exits at preferred time frames.  You learn how to scalp and trend trade the markets with the help of our program.

All NLT programs can be combined and supplement each other for high probability trading.

Schedule for an introductory session:

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VIX Top Line Indicator by Never Loss Trading Day Trading Euro Futures

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